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About Graceann Bennett

         Graceann Bennett is the Chief Solutions Office for Dow Jones.  She is responsible for harnessing the influence, intelligence and perspective from across the company to solve problems in innovative ways and unlock new value for our clients.  She brings a strong track record of partnering with CEOs and CMOs to drive significant increases in shareholder value for numerous Fortune 500 companies. 

Most recently, she was a founder of Omnicom Group’s We Are Unlimited, the first of its kind, collaborative agency model where data and human intelligence are at the core. In that role, she pioneered a new approach to brand strategy, The Cortex, based on real-time, data-driven insights shaped by experts across digital, social, retail, and human behavior.

Graceann is a revered speaker and thought leader who has presented her work at SXSW, Sustainable Brands, NYU Stern School of Business, Cannes Advertising Festival, GreenBiz Forum, TEDxHarvard and the United Nations Foundation for Social Change. She has been a featured expert for media outlets including Fortune, The New York Times, Ad Age, CNN and NPR. Graceann has served on the advisory board of Attivio, a global business intelligence company and as Global Ambassador for The SmartWoman Project -- a venture using mobile technology to empower women with education and social connectivity.